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Business & Sport language & behavioural strategist consultancy and keynote speaker.

I am David Yeoman, a Behavioural & Language Strategist Consultant and keynote speaker; the Creator and Founder of The Transforming Technique that “Squeezes the Juice of Life” with winning strategies, (ie. motivation, decision, convincer and reassurance) into individuals, teams and businesses to achieve their true potential.

The easy and proven methodologies and processes “create award winning teams” in sport and business.

The Technique (s) is naturally NON – EVASIVE and rids all unwanted feelings from the past still held in the present whatever stage you are at in your career or life.

The Technique (s) releases the emotional handbrake that holds us back from easily achieving what we really want or have to deal with, with individuals remaining light, calm and focused.

The Transforming Technique (s) was aired live on ESPN sport channel before a Premier League football match in October 2011 and is used with players continually today as you read this.

What would it be like if the unwanted emotions and feelings held in your muscles that drive your actions and reactions were removed and what would it do for you?

In 1996 when my daughter Honor died at birth and still being in pain from 2 serious back operations either side of this event, I realised the power of language and how it influences the mind body connection and our own intuitive ability to self heal and therefore have a positive affect on our living experience.

I studied how the power of language can transform lives and utilised this skill to assist other families in similar tragic situations. All behaviours are controlled by our own unique internal processing. This can be changed as we react to the representation of the event which is our own reality of the experience.

Having co-owned a multimillion pound business I have first-hand experience of the emotional and people challenges faced on a daily basis by employees & leaders. I also have the solution.

I am a regular guest on radio and press contributor on leadership and behaviours.

How much training does your team receive to be in the Desired State to serve your internal and external customers?


 Proven Personal & Business Benefits:

The Transforming Technique (s) produce

  • Increased personal effectiveness
  • Increased self awareness
  • Increased confidence and intuition
  • Increased motivation and energy
  • Alleviation of negative feelings and isolation
  • Sustainable empowering choices
  • Create your own desired self image
  • Replace your limiting decisions & beliefs
  • Capture harmony into your work and life
  • Maximize individual and team performance
  • Future outcome focused with winning strategies

I am a Master in listening and patterning language structure and the effects it has on individuals and teams and their performance – regardless of where they are at present.

By changing the pattern and structure of the language it enables leaders, executives and teams to adopt and unleash a more resourceful state. This will inspire them to  move through previously perceived obstacles to achieve the desired state to exceed strategic and business outcomes.

The Technique (s) focus on “shaping the mindset”  to achieve, and connecting the mind / body to maximise performance allowing team members to become response – able for sustainable change.

Know thy self”………   The first commandment on leadership at Harvard Business School 2001

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