Man Utd collapse under anxiety – an interview with Footyplace

The man that predicted Manchester City’s comeback in the Premier League has put Manchester United’s collapse down to anxiety.

We first interviewed David Yeoman back in February when he told us about he had worked with the likes of the SFA and Terry Butcher in his role as a sport language and behavioural strategist. David also told us about his ability to predict football results based on the language used by managers in the build-up to games.

We then spoke to David for a second time in March when, despite Manchester United moving four points clear at the top of the Premier League, Roberto Mancini spoke to the press of his absolute confidence that Manchester City would in fact win the title.

Few people were convinced, but David liked what he was hearing, so much so that he backed up Mancini’s claim that City would prevail.

“[For Sir Alex Ferguson] I think a little anxiety might come in because all of a sudden not only does he have a viable contender but it’s Manchester City, the club’s closest rivals,” David told us on March 22.

United eventually extended their lead over City to a seemingly unassailable eight points, but the anxiety David predicted soon came to the fore as the Red Devils suffered a surprise defeat at Wigan and then threw away a two-goal lead to draw against Everton.

Then, when Ferguson angrily confronted Mancini on the touchline during United’s defeat to City, David was more convinced than ever that the Italian had won the battle of minds.

“I said back in March that I thought anxiety would creep in for Ferguson and that spat he had with Mancini confirmed it,” David told us. “Ferguson lost it, and that told me that the anxiety was there. And that anxiety is then transferred at a quantum level to his players.

“Ferguson’s reptilian brain (the part of the brain that makes decisions) knew that City had the advantage. But in the City camp there was a collected consciousness of winning because Mancini had got his message of what he was looking and wanting across better than Ferguson.

“He believed what he was saying back in March. His mind, body and spirit were totally aligned and he truly believed that City would win the league. Who was the last manager that came out and said ‘we will win’ as he did? He was so convinced, so self-assured of his own inner ability and had total confidence in his whole squad, and subconsciously his players knew that.

“Later on Mancini came out and said that United would win the league but that wasall  for the papers. I’ve been in enough dressing rooms to know that what is truly believed and what is said to the papers is two different things. And Mancini truly believed City would win.”

Mancini’s faith was put to the ultimate test on the final day of the season as City fell 2-1 behind to QPR and United led at Sunderland. As the final whistle went at the Stadium of Light, Ferguson’s men were champions.

Yet the belief Mancini had instilled in his players paid off in the end.

“The conscious mind doesn’t create a reality,” David explained, “it’s a subconscious belief, and Mancin’s subconscious belief transferred to all the players.

“For 17 seconds Man Utd had won the league. But Mancini’s comments were that we will win the league and he subconsciously believed that so much that even against 10 men and not breaking through, City could play right through to the 95th minute with that belief.”

Was it Mancini’s belief that won Manchester City the Premier League title? Let us know your thoughts on everything David has had to say via the comments box below.

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