Roy Hodgson – “We don’t fear Italy” World Cup 2014

“Don’t think of a pink elephant with the number 10 written on it”!! I will explain.

  All would agree that Mr Hodgson has had a perfect preparation for the start of the World CupRod Hodgson  campaign. “We are physically fit, mentally fit & tactically prepared”.

This includes an extensive skilled back room team to cater for all needs and requirements for the players.Also part of this team is the highly successfully Dr Steve Peters (psychiatrist) who has been round the track with Sir Chris Hoy and Victoria Pendleton who both acknowledge his skills set for the medals they won in various global events over many years.

I am not a psychiatrist like Dr Steve, who I have the utmost of respect for, and feel that it was a masterstroke in Roy Hodgson securing his services.

After reading his book a few years ago; (The Chimp Paradox) I am delighted that someone who has earned the right has made such a book available in sport.

Liverpool have also enjoyed his toolkit this season and enjoyed their best season for some years under Brendan Rogers a modern and holistic Leader.As a Language Behavioural Strategist my methodologies, process and understanding of how the subconscious works is no different from the author.

These techniques, toolkit processes if you like were successfully used at Inverness Caley Thistle who had a unprecedented historical season 2012/13 and continued this season too.

In the short time with the players at Hibernian Football club in December 2013 the toolkit produced 3 successive wins.

Yesterday Saturday 14th June I was horrified to read that there was an obvious gap in the awareness of the language used by Cahill, Gerrard and their Leader Mr Hodgson.
Now back too “Don’t think of a pink elephant with the number 10 written on it”world C 2014

My guess is you did think of the above – the mental image was formed in your conscious mind. “Think of a pink elephant with the number 10 written on it”

Why? Because the subconscious mind does not process negatives.
Apply the same logic to “We don’t fear Italy” and you get “We fear Italy” – get it?

With emotions being held in the muscle – maybe a reason for too many players suffering from cramp towards the end of the game?

The collective consciousness at both a conscious and subconscious level in the England Camp will be inducing fear – the emotional juices triggering fear from a past event will be running through their bodies. It’s not our conscious mind that creates our reality but our subconscious beliefs.

Dr Peters has some work to do this before this coming Thursday; and that is handling anxiety within each individual player and of course Mr Hodgson himself. Emotions are transferable at an unconscious level – just like the common cold.

Anxiety requires planning as it’s in the future, what techniques will be used to guarantee a positive outcome to the “do or die” game on Thursday?


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