“SCOTLAND’S SHAME” – Change Your Language – Change The Emotion – Change The Behaviour

Mother Theres’s comment when asked to “will you join our anti war rally” her reply was “No; but if you invite me to a pro peace rally I will come”  

 The BBC using on occasions – BCE and CE instead of BC AD  – at least they have thought about it and given producers choice.

 NHS – “Don’t call children obese, health staff are warned, – suggesting “unhealthy weight” is the most appropriate language” Sunday Herald 20th Nov 2011.


If you fail grasp the concept on the above 3 examples don’t read on…..


ACCEPTANCE OF ALL WHO LOVE THE BEAUTIFUL GAME will produce the desired outcome of acceptance in Scottish Football with the unconscious minority either joining the “aware” or select to rewire their own distorted subconscious beliefs. Change the words — change the behaviour.

The Scottish Football Association’s “Long term battle against sectarianism” was a headline on BBC online; “Show Bigotry the Red Card” and “Rivals Not Enemies” are other well known slogans.

Anti sectarianism labels on police high viz vests are well intentioned phrases to eradicate the inappropriate behaviours; however, sadly such negative reinforcement only perpetuates the situation.

“ACCEPTANCE OF ALL WHO LOVE THE BEAUTIFUL GAME” when repeated by the print media, TV and all politicians, teachers, can, over time, help to rewire the behaviour.

It only takes 21 days to rewire the smoking habit. Can you imagine what could be achieved and how quickly if we changed our language!!

Kipling, of If and Jungle Book fame, made a speech to the Royal College of Surgeons in London in 1923, in which he said: “Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.”

Our distorted beliefs stem from our culture and Biological environment.

Philip Larkin in the challenging poem “This Be the Verse” stated “Man hands on misery to man”.

Oh, how we perpetuate our silly little superstitions, habits and prejudices passed on from generation to generation.

It’s not your conscious mind that creates your reality but your subconscious beliefs.

You still can hear today in certain parts of Scotland “Never trust a Campbell” due to an event in 1693 – Again, silly little superstitions, habits and prejudices passed on from generation to generation that are out of step with modern living in a multi cultural society where acceptance of our fellow human being is community living.

Thinking, which is done in the conscious mind is done through symbols and assists us create maps and models of the world. We don’t live in the real world – we live in the world of our own visual representation and narrative.

The subconscious function is to run our bodies and holds the seat and domain of our emotions. It is symbolic and stores and organises all our memories and makes associations.

It enjoys serving, but requires clear orders and repetition until new habits / behaviours are installed. The Media is part of the solution to stop re -embedding in , outdated history in the public domain – What people do within their own four walls and private time is their choice.

So, by now you can understand why so much anger, resentment and other less desirable emotions are triggered by a feeling that drives behaviour from the subconscious mind when these words are used either in print, TV or social media platforms. We re-embed and trigger the feelings associated by the minority and we are unaware that we are contributing to the undesirable thoughts and actions we wish to change.

What has to happen to re wire the subconscious distorted beliefs in Scotland?

Kipling further commented in his speech that: “Not only do words infect egotize, narcotize, and paralyze, but they enter into and colour the minutest cells of the brain.”

After reflecting on this observation of the power of language and my counter suggestion to tackling Scotland’s Shame; the many benefits are self evident as we all know.


  • More tolerant society in Multi Cultural Scotland
  • A new generation a new belief system – new behaviours
  • Negative emotions, anger and actions replaced by positive emotions, good citizenship and actions ( a six-pointer)
  • The rest of the World changes its perception of Scotland
  • Scotland becomes destination of choice for Inward Investment
  • Commonwealth games here in Glasgow 2014!! WOW…..


As children we are taught the word MY and MINE – My cup, my toy, my biscuit, we become attached and believe it is ours and get very upset when it is taken away or lost.

As we get older the condition gets worse – My job is better than yours, my handbag was very expensive, My holiday, MY MY MY – and also MY religion is better than yours. All chasing a false feeling handed down by unconscious people.

Religion is like Soup, a menu with many types and varieties with stimulating flavours to suit most tastes.

However, have you ever known two people to get Angry because your preference is Baxter’s to Campbell’s?

Kipling finished off by describing the ability of a person to use words to change the way another person thinks and feels, to influence that person to do or feel things that are not normal for that person — just as drugs would do.

So, let’s go back to the beginning, before the beginning, before time and space, cultures and borders.

Before language that creates realities that don’t exist because as we all know names and labels prevent us Humans from being all that we can be.

The limits of my language equals the limits of my world as Wittgenstein so eloquently put it.

Scotland is now calling on its Leaders and Influencers to re programme our representation for our Multi Cultural Society.  Don’t you agree?


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