Keynote Speaking

Keynote Speaking

David facilitating a seminar.

I am an experienced keynote speaker at conferences, seminars and workshops with varying timescales ranging from two hours to half days to full week residential courses.

The content of every interactive presentation is customised to focus on your specific needs that are appropriate to you at this moment in time.

Sample Topics Have Included:-

  • Transforming Techniques – winning strategies at work
  • Creating cultures of operational excellence
  • How to develop new motivation and decision strategies
  • Get out of your head and back to your senses
  • Mind your language
  • Problems to Solutions with ease and confidence

Participative and engaging with exercise that ensure all leave with thoughts and action for Change. Fun too…



Phil Jones, Sales & Marketing Director, Brother UK Ltd

“Some people make a really big impact on you when you meet them for the first time. David did with me. It wasn’t his six foot plus frame, it was his thoughts, his methodologies, his story, his audience impact.

David and I worked together at the Shared Services Forum UK annual conference, where David was a keynote speaker. I’ve seen a lot of speakers in my time, David was one of the rare few that I’ve seen really make a cut through with a large group of people.

How? David doesn’t just show and tell, he makes you experience. He asks questions which hit right home with you, provoke thought reflection and brutal honesty within yourself. He re-programmes, re-frames and makes you reflect.

He draws on his own personal experiences to show that your words, your choice, your learned behaviours, all impact massively on your performance, being and happiness.

In subsequent follow up meetings with David, I’ve learned more about his methodologies and it’s really powerful stuff. He has used his skill to enhance personal and team performance for high performing individuals and teams, from business to sport.

I’d recommend you interact with David if you want to increase your emotional intelligence, self-esteem, team behaviours, individual performance, personal impact, choice of words or the way you frame the world.

Tracy Bosanko, Bosanko Marketing Communications

David is a charismatic, highly motivated and hugely experienced individual in his field of expertise who is well versed in working with senior leaders and corporate/sports teams to deliver defined business goals. As a presenter he is always thought-provoking and never afraid to challenge or be challenged. He readily shares his knowledge and time and is a creative, passionate agent of change who empowers those around him to think strategically, build personal and professional skill sets to dispel the negative, embrace the new and ultimately, squeeze the most out of life.”

Rupert Cornford – Editor, Features North West Business Insider 42 under 42

David is an entertaining and thought-provoking speaker, who challenged the audience to think differently. I took away some good techniques to apply in everyday life and at work, and many of our business leaders were engaged with his ideas on behaviour.