Phil Jones – Managing Director – Brother UK Ltd | Keynote Speaker | Passionate about the Potential of People and Business – April 2014

Some people make a really big impact on you when you meet them for the first time. David did with me. It wasn’t his six foot plus frame, it was his thoughts, his methodologies, his story, his audience impact.

David and I worked together at the Shared Services Forum UK annual conference, where David was a keynote speaker. I’ve seen a lot of speakers in my time, David was one of the rare few that I’ve seen really make a cut through with a large group of people.

How? David doesn’t just show and tell, he makes you experience. He asks questions which hit right home with you, provoke thought reflection and brutal honesty within yourself. He re-programmes, re-frames and makes you reflect.

He draws on his own personal experiences to show that your words, your choice, your learned behaviours, all impact massively on your performance, being and happiness.

In subsequent follow up meetings with David, I’ve learned more about his methodologies and it’s really powerful stuff. He has used his skill to enhance personal and team performance for high performing individuals and teams, from business to sport.

I’d recommend you interact with David if you want to increase your emotional intelligence, self-esteem, team behaviours, individual performance, personal impact, choice of words or the way you frame the world.

Winning a Sunday Times Top 100 places to work award in 2014 was a great outcome for the business and the consultancy that David did with us was a positive contributor to our Leadership scores and overall workplace well-being scores.

I’d have no hesitation in recommending him professionally.


Big D,  (Terry Butcher – Inverness Caledonian Thistle Manager)

Season 12/13 was “Historical” for Inverness Caley Thistle and a year of “FIRSTS” – below are a few examples.

 ·        Finished 4th in league – highest ever finish.

·         Reached semi – final of the league cup.

·         Beat both Celtic and Rangers away from home.

·         Two players capped for their countries – Billy McKay and Andrew Shinnie.

·         One player recalled to national team – Owain Tudor Jones for Wales.

 Given that ICT has the smallest budget in the SPL & that the budget was reduced by £300,000 from previous season & that ICT has the smallest & youngest players in SPL, I am immensely proud to have played my part in their record breaking season and successes.

It’s all about being in the “Desired State” for the task in hand

 Big D,  (Terry Butcher – Inverness Caledonian Thistle Manager)

Thanks for all your great energy, learning’s and insights. Our understanding of language and the effects it has on the mind proved invaluable in achieving the desired state for winning with your mastermind strategies at work.  Best wishes and thanks.

Terry Butcher – Inverness Caledonian Thistle Manager

Equalled best finish in the SPL league – season – 2010/ 2011

Scottish Football League First Division Champions 2009/10

  • 15 points off the lead in January 2010
  • Won by 12 points
  • 21 games undefeated
  • 9 consecutive victories
  • Greatest achievement in Club History
  • 10 years since the last Club went straight back to the SPL
  • March Player of the month: Adam Rooney
  • April Player of the month: Jonny Hayes
  • March First Division Manager of the Month 2010 Terry Butcher
  • Suggested £1.3 million boost for Club and City being back in the SPL.

“I have known David personally for a number of years but only used him professionally in 2009/10. All I would say is, meet him and talk with him for 30 minutes and it could prove to be the 30 minutes that changes the way that you operate your business and also as a person.”

Entrepreneur Dr Charan Gill MBE,
Asian Business Awards Entrepreneur of the Year 2004
Channel 4 – The Secret Millionaire 2006


“I thoroughly enjoyed the ROOTS SHOOTS FRUITS process and gained much from the experience. I enjoyed the space where I could attach my own meaning to the learning. The art of reframing a significant emotional event… well I did that 20 years ago. “I would definitely recommend that football managers attend the same skill building and man management courses that people from other walks of life attend. What we have just now is a total lack of training for would be managers. Football can definitely learn from the world outside, even players can learn from modern management techniques.” An extract from the book … And Smith Did Score – the Gordon Smith Story”
Gordon Smith, Former Chief Exec Scottish Football Association

“We have a Vision and a Higher Purpose at Iron Mountain Shared Services Europe…to become a Ruthless Continuous Improvement Machine and fully live by our Total Customer Satisfaction (TCS) Value…the ROOTS SHOOTS FRUITS Performance Change Programme has become a cornerstone in providing the tools and techniques for the Team to access new behavioural patterns which allows us to successfully undertake the change journey and turn our vision into reality…”
Davide Laghi – Head of Finance Shared Services IM Europe

The informal style of the ROOTS SHOOTS FRUITS programme allowed for far more intraction, as a result more value from the course was gained. I was impressed with the encouraging delivery / knowledge of the trainer and there are areas I can improve upon. E.g. mirroring other people’s successes, understanding customer’s Behavioural patterns to build relationships, focusing on positive outcomes.
HBOS – Bank of Scotland Corporate.

I very much enjoyed ROOTS SHOOTS FRUITS, and the feedback thereafter was extremely positive from the executive team which is pretty good from what can be a very cynical bunch. I think the day was very good at helping us confirm some of what we already knew but also helped in highlighting certain areas for us all to concentrate on. We all do need to give greater thought and understanding to other people’s values.
Blair Nimmo KPMG – Head of Restructuring

We set-up a new Customer Service Centre at Eden Springs UK and we considered the training and the motivation of our team to be instrumental in our success. As the new team came together, it was important for us to ‘Shape the Mindset’ and share the same beliefs, values and Identity to create a team culture. The ROOTS SHOOTS FRUITS Programme, not only matched our expectations, it has excelled our expectations.’

Here are some quotes from the Customer Service team:-

‘I changed my behaviour, but at the same time, my colleague’s behaviour changed towards me’!

‘By using all the tools and techniques from the ‘Performance Change Programme’, I have gained a lot more respect from my team-mates’.

‘I now look for the positives rather than the negatives in both work and personal situations’.

‘I now have refined my language to gain deeper rapport and achieving my outcome to my satisfaction’

‘The Programme was brilliant and the changes within me have been quite major’.

‘I now have more balance between my work and personal life’.

‘I am more motivated and focused and have a vision for my team’.

‘My communication skills are achieving better and faster results’.

‘Entering my Circle of Influence and being proactive is achieving the results I desire in both my work and personal life.’

The programme was fantastic and I would recommend to anyone who gets the chance to take the opportunity because it will change their life.’ Linda Taylor Head of Customer Services
Eden Springs UK Ltd

“All the team found the ROOTS SHOOTS FRUITS Performance Change Programme challenging & thought provoking that resulted in personal horizons expanding in their working environment.”

Norman Smith Partner Head of Property McLay Murray & SpensMPF 2006 Europe an Practice Management Awards

“Hi David. Thanks millions for yesterday it was very informative and fun – the perfect combination for good training! I would recommend the tools and techniques in ROOTS SHOOTS FRUITS to any Business who wish to further develop their skills to take them onto their next phase of growth. Thanks again you’re a great trainer; a natural. Cheers. “
Marjorie Miller BA MSc MCIPD – Principal Business Advisor – Glasgow City Council

“As exciting opportunities were emerging in my career I found the process in ROOTS SHOOTS FRUITS brought the clarity and focus I required.
Having my Identity & Values confirmed ensured the correct decisions were made – this alignment is important to me as a busy working Mum.”

Kelly Cooper Barr, Glasgow Herald Stylist & Fashion Editor, Scotland’s most Influential Stylist – Award Winner 2005

“David Yeoman’s varied business experience combined with his talent for communication, approachable manner and sense of humour make him a popular visiting speaker for Sorbonne post-graduate students.“
Gillian Summers-Smith Lecturer – University of Paris I : Panthéon – Sorbonne

“The ROOTS SHOOTS FRUITS programme led to some fundamental changes in the way our student’s took control of their future. For many it was the first time they had been challenged about where they were really going in life. This should really be compulsory for every new student entering higher education.”
Sharon Bamford
Chief Executive of the Scottish Institute for Enterprise

“David Yeoman is a frequent contributor to the Hunter Centre of Entrepreneurship @ Strathclyde, University of Strathclyde University , Glasgow. David ‘s business and personal experiences and his passion for the process es in ROOTS SHOOTS FRUITS, a Personal Performance Programme for Business Owners and their teams, adds valuable real life insights to the student learning experience.”
Lesley Hetherington… Teaching Fellow… Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship @ Strathclyde

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